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In our shampoo room you can lay back and relax in dim lighting, therapeutic soft music and massaging chairs.

Whilst having your hair shampooed and conditioned one of our experienced staff will give you a soothing head massage, making you feel relaxed and pampered.


Blow Dry                            from £20.00

Curly Blow Dry                           £22.00

Blow Dry & Pin Curls                 £24.00

Hair up                                       £35.00

Blow Dry with Extensions          £22.00

Curly Blow Dry with 

Extensions                                 £24.00

Curly Blow Dry with 

Extensions & Pin Curls              £26.00

Cut & Blow Dry                          £29.00

Restyle                                      £30.00


Root Tint                                    £35.00

Hair Line & Parting                    £10.00

Full Tint                                      £40.00

Part Foils/Part Tint                     £65.00

Full Tint with Extensions            £55.00

Full Head Foils                          £78.00

Full Head Foils & Tint                £85.00

Balayage/Ombre                       £85.00

Toner with Colour                        £7.00

Toner                                           £7.00

Olaplex with Colour                    £15.00


Hair Cut                                      £14.00

Colour                                         £15.00


Children under 12                

Cut & Finish                      £18.00             Dry Cut                               £8.00


Under 5s

Boys                                    £5.00

Girls                                     £7.00


Price on consultations


In colour                              £15.00

Full Treatment                     £25.00

Brazilian Blow Dry From      £95.00 

Bridal Hair & Occasion Hair

Basic Hair Up                       £35.00

Hair Up Using Hair Extensions

(we do not supply extensions) £40.00

Bridal hair                         from £55.00

We offer wedding packages both in salon & out. Please request a free consultation for price

For details on Hair Extensions

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